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Thanks for visiting the National Health Benefits website. We would love the opportunity to help you find a truly convenient healthcare plan with the advantage of company level pricing. As an independent contractor we realize that you carry the responsibilities of being your own employer. While this can mean freedom when it comes to your time, schedule and choices, it can also present some challenges when it comes to healthcare. If you’ve found that the traditional insurance plans available to you on the Open Market are too expensive (both in monthly premiums and annual deductibles), National Health Benefits may have a solution that is tailored for you!


This form is only available for independent contractors, self-employed individuals or 1099 employees. If you own or manage a small or large business and would like to enroll your company in a benefit program please click here.



National Health Benefit’s healthcare plans are created using The ERISA Law of 1974. This law allows business owners to self-fund the healthcare plans offered to their employees, rather than go to market for traditional health insurance based plans. This law allows business owners to save vast amounts of money when it comes to healthcare obligations for themselves and their employees. As an independent contractor, or self-employed individual, one could sponsor their own ERISA based benefit plan as they are their own employer. National Health Benefits acts as a third party administrator of benefit plans, allowing smaller businesses and self-employed individuals to contract out their employer-sponsored plan. Essentially, this is a plan where the employer (or self-employed individual) is supplementing a private healthcare plan that National Health helps administer the claims for.

Independent contractors have access to National Health Benefit’s two most popular healthcare benefit plans: The Mega Plan and The HSC + Mega Plan. Please find a brief summary of these plans below, or follow the links to learn more in-depth about the options available to our self-employed customers.

Independent Contractor Mega Plan


The best part about our benefit plans are the competitively low rates we are able to offer our clients. We offer our Independent Contractors two different plan options based on the amount of coverage desired. Our Mega Plan starts at just $140 per month, per Member. Plans for a Member and a Spouse (or one child) are offered at $240, and a Member and their family (up to 5 total members) is offered at $360 per month. Our Mega Plan offers a co-pay program for common medical services such as doctors appointments, specialists appointments, physical and behavioral therapy, chiropractic, dental, vision, outpatient testing and lab work. It also includes a copay program for Urgent Care treatments, although National Health requires that members utilize their FREE Telehealth Urgent Care through MeMd before seeking out a traditional on-site Urgent Care when possible.


Our HSC + Mega Plan offers everything included in our Mega Plan, and it also gives Members access to the HealthShare Connection medical cost-sharing network for large healthcare expenses. This plan is not a traditional health insurance plan, so there are no premiums or deductibles for our Members. Instead, HSC Members are able to submit their legitimate shareable medical expenses with the group for payment. For the first 3 NEEDS of a member (or first 5 needs of a family), there will be a portion of payment owed by the member before the shareable funds from membership can be accessed. We call this portion of payment (owed by the member) a NON-SHAREABLE AMOUNT. This plan is available to our clients for as low as $290 per month, per Member (when the primary Member is under 30 years old) or $310 per month, per Member (when the primary Member is over 30 years old).

Independent Contractor Healthshare Connection


To learn more about the plans and pricing options available to you, please supply your contact information, and a National Health Benefits representative will contact you shortly. Thank you for your interest in National Health’s simple, affordable benefit plans.

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Once you have reviewed your plan options and you are ready to enroll in benefits, simply click the “ENROLL NOW” button at the top of the page and begin filling in the requested information. If you are prompted to enter your salesperson contact and you have not been in contact with a National Health salesperson, please select the “Unknown” Option. If you have been working with a broker that is not listed on our website, please select “Other” and enter their name where applicable.


Interested in learning more about your plan options, pricing or how to best utilize this coverage? We would love to put you in touch with a National Health Benefits representative to answer your questions and help you navigate the enrollment process. This representative can schedule brief online meeting to discuss the most important aspects of the Mega Plan and the HSC + Mega Plan and can answer any questions pertaining to enrollment options, pricing or coverage details. Representatives are available to help customers in both English and Spanish.


Our affordable benefit plans are available to our self-employed individuals at the same discounted rate offered to our large employer clients. Monthly is not subject to change based on underwriting or pre-existing conditions, however, there may be some limitations to service or coverage options based on prior health. Individuals electing coverage from HealthShare Connection who smoke for vape will be subject to a $75 surcharge per member, per month. Additionally, families with more than 5 members can be charged a $25 per member fee for additional family members.