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Thanks for visiting National Health Benefits online! We look forward to the opportunity of serving you and your clients with our innovative healthcare solutions. Our benefit plans are structured to offer our clients affordable, convenient healthcare solutions as an alternative to their traditional health insurance plans.

We offer all-inclusive, employer-sponsored, self-funded ERISA based plans that are easy to budget for and fully ACA compliant. Our election forms offer employees both MEC compliant and MVP compliant plans which satisfy both the Tax A and Tax B portions of the Affordable Care Act. We actively help our customers avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential fines from the IRS.


Please use the form below if you are a new broker to National Health Benefits. If you are an existing broker with NHB please contact your National Health Benefits representative for any new company quote.




We can simplify their healthcare offering with easy-to-use health benefit plans that are fully ACA compliant. We offer several monthly plan options that employees can choose from. All of our options will be listed on the company’s Election Forms that are completed by employees, and employees can choose to upgrade at their own expense to whichever plan fits their needs and budget.


Our plans are attractive to both large and small companies because of our low cost options and customer service reputation. We offer plans to companies with as few as 1 employee to companies with as many as 20,000 employees. Please feel free to view and download our company proposals for your clients available below. Please note: not all plans will be available for all company sizes. Please only send the appropriate document for your client based on their size of their workforce. If you currently work with individuals that are not employers of companies or independent contractors and you would like more information about affordable plans for individuals, please email us at


We can offer our plans to both Full-Time and Part-Time employees of both large and small employers. Employers may be required by the ACA to offer healthcare plans to their ELIGIBLE employees if they are an ALE. Our plans cater to large employers because they are affordable, simple and compliant. They also are attractive to smaller employers because they provide easy-to-use recruitment and retention to attract and keep talented employees


Our election forms have stood up against potential IRS Audits time and again. Our plans satisfy the employer requirements of the Affordable Care Act for the Tax A and Tax B portions of the ACA. Additionally, we provide all of the reporting obligations required of employers by the ACA as well. While there are many companies that can help businesses avoid the penalties of the Tax A portion of the ACA, very few also provide those companies with Tax B compliance and other more affordable benefit plan alternatives.


Streamlining the on-boarding of new clients is vital to our operations team, and it provides a positive user experience for our clients as well. Below are the steps of the on-boarding process that we require from our Broker Partners who are interested utilizing National Health Benefit plans for their clients.

1. Submit a quote request to your National Health Benefits sales team member. If you do not have a National Health sales team member, please feel free to call our office at 1 (800) 407-5772 or email us at Or, for faster service, please fill in the information requested here.

2. Make sure you’ve completed your Broker Agreement and W-9 Forms. These forms include a NDA that we require before we can complete and send you Participation Agreements and Open Enrollment Documents on behalf of your customers. If you are a new broker working with National Health, your sales team member will generate your Broker Agreement and send this document (as well as a W-9 form) to you for your review and completion. These documents will also provide your commission structure and payment terms for all accounts with National Health Benefits.

3. Send the appropriate version of National Health’s Company Proposal to your client and review National Health’s offerings and company policies with your client. Help your client decide on their Employer Contribution (if greater than the required $30 per employee, per month). Review the Guide to National Health Benefits Presentation with your client if desired. (This PowerPoint deck can be requested from your sales team member).

4. Assist your client in completing a Participation Agreement and Census document (provided by your National Health Benefits sales team representative). Return these executed documents to National Health so that National Health can create their online enrollment account as well as the necessary Open Enrollment documents.

5. Set an appointment with your client for a general on-boarding call with their new National Health Benefits Account Manager. During this call, National Health will help your client learn how to log into their online account, manage and view necessary legal documents and learn how to update their census document monthly with new hire and employee termination information. This step is vital in the New Client On-boarding Process as our clients must be able to manage their account online to best ensure that they stay compliant with ACA laws. We also want to make sure they know how to remove terminated employees from their account so that they don’t accidentally continue paying for an employee that is no longer working for the company.

6. Set a date for an Open Enrollment period (usually two weeks) prior to the month you client would like to begin coverage. National Health will provide you with the necessary Open Enrollment documents along with company codes needed for employees to access their accounts online. National Health is happy to host online (Zoom) or in-person Open Enrollments depending on the size and needs of your client. Please work with your National Health sales representative to coordinate this process and to allow them to help you with any Open Enrollment needs.

Affordable Healthcare Plans


The best part about our benefit plans are the competitively low rates we are able to offer our clients. Our most affordable package, The Basic Plan, is available to your employees at just $60 per month, all inclusive. Our all-inclusive packages mean that we have budgeted for the claims costs to never exceed this monthly fee, so we will never return to our clients for additional un-budgeted claims dollars. We only ask our employers for a $30 per employee contribution towards any of our Basic, Mega or HSC + Mega Plans. This $30 per employee shows the government that the employer is participating in the providing of benefit plans for their employees. As the affordable care act requires employer participation, we’ve set this $30 per employee, per month rate to mostly cover the administration costs of any of our all-inclusive plans.


National Health Benefits provides 3 easy options for company enrollments: online, paper or phone. At the beginning of each Open Enrollment, National Health provides our clients with thorough Open Enrollment documents which detail company policies and procedures along with the plan options available to employees. This document allows employees to elect for coverage by paper form and also gives information on how to log on and enroll in their online account. Phone representatives are standing by to assist enrollments in English and Spanish.

Healthcare Enrollment Options



Minimum essential coverage


There are many healthcare options available to business owners in the marketplace today which offer affordable options for a Minimum Essential Coverage level plan (or what we call our Basic Plan). This plan is required to be given to your employees (if you are an APPLICABLE LARGE EMPLOYER) by the Affordable Care Act. Employees may opt out of this coverage on their Election Forms, but the offer must be made. If the coverage is waived by an employee, the employer does not have to give coverage to that specific employee. Giving employees the Basic Plan from National Health Benefits (unless waived by an employee) allows an employer to meet the requirements of the Tax A portion of the Affordable Care Act.

minimum value plan


Many companies meet the Tax A requirement and believe that they are fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act, however, they may not be fulling the requirements of the Tax B portion of the ACA. The Tax B portion requires that an employer offer their employees an MVP or Minimum Value Plan. An MVP Plan equates to what is known as a “Bronze Level Insurance Plan”. This plan can become very expensive for both the employer and the employee to pay for on both a monthly and per-usage basis. The AFFORDABILITY CLAUSE states that an employee does not have to pay more than 9.78% of their monthly income towards a healthcare plan. This Affordability Clause only applies to the MVP level plans (or greater coverage being offered). With low-wage employees, the employer bears the brunt of paying for the majority of the monthly premiums for this plan.

affordable healthcare options


Although National Health Benefits offers this plan on all of our election forms, the plan is rarely chosen because we have so other more affordable and more attractive plans available for our employees. For example, both the Mega and Mega + HSC Plans are less expensive monthly plans and both offer NO DEDUCTIBLE programs for many first point of care medical appointments, and low NON-SHAREABLE AMOUNTS (similar to a deductible) within the HealthShare Connection portion of their plans. Essentially, these alternatives to traditional insurance can save both the employer and the employee many thousands of dollars in healthcare spend over the life of your account with National Health Benefits.


To learn more about this process, please fill out the contact form below, and a representative will be in touch with you shortly to detail the plan options available to you and to help you provide compliant, convenient and affordable benefits to you and your employees.

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The Affordable Care Act mainly speaks to Applicable Large Employers, or ALE’s. A company is deemed an ALE when it employees 50 or more full-time employees or the equivalent thereof. In other words, an employer can be an ALE if they employee 80 part-time employees who work at least 6000 monthly hours combined. If 6000 combined work hours (or more) are achieved monthly, an employer may be subject to the requirements of the ACA placed on ALE’s. National Health works diligently to help our Applicable Large Employers maintain ACA compliance.

PLEASE NOTE: Affiliate employers are owners that have at least 10% common ownership in several companies. An example of an affiliate employer may be a restaurant owner with several branch locations in which the ownership maintained at least 10% control. The common ownership of these locations may require the same Affordable Care Act obligations as a single business (or single location) ALE if and when there is a combined total of 50 or more full-time employees (or 6000 monthly worked hours).


An employee who works an average of 30 or more hours per week is considered full-time and therefore entitled to compliant healthcare options made available by their 60th day of employment. If at any time an employee reaches 120 worked hours per month, they must be added to the National Health Benefits employee census. An employee may be removed from the census once they have worked less than 120 hours per month for 3 consecutive months.


National Health Benefits is your resource for all of the forms and documents you will need in order to on-board a new client into one of our many programs. All of these forms and documents will be generated by your sales team member, and they will client-specific with the information you provide. These forms include, but are not limited to, Company Proposals, Participation Agreements, Open Enrollment Documents, Election Forms, Dependent and Family Forms, Member Resource Guides and Power Point Presentation Decks to review with your clients.


National Health Benefits is proud to partner with insurance brokers all over the country, and we have worked to develop a commission structure to ensure that these partnerships continue to flourish. Our commissions are never capped and are paid in full for the life of any account brought to National Health. Please note, we intentionally keep our product pricing low and competitive in the market to best serve the needs of our clients. We have allocated as much margin as possible for our broker partners in recognition of the cost of doing businesses.